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BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookendf.jpg (112027 byte)

Franske Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs

BG2000Bulldoga.jpg (169938 byte)

TEMA:  Franske Bulldog figurer. Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright) Figurerne på denne side er eksempler og ikke nødvendigvis til salg. Ønsker De at se vort figur salgsudvalg, følg venligst linket nedenfor: Tekst kun på engelsk- Sorry :) THEME: French Bulldog figurines. Overview with images. Click on photo to see large image. (Copyright). The figurines are examples for display only - not all are currently for sale. To find figurines for sale please click at the link below.

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RC Dogs 1 RC Dogs 2 RC Dogs 3 B&G Dogs 1 B&G Dogs 2 DJ Dogs New RC Dogs French Bulldogs Lyngby Dogs
BG1983FrenchiePupa.jpg (111590 byte)
01. A small puppy by B&G was part of a large production and is one of the few Danish porcelains that is easy to find. (B&G #1983)
DJ1088FrenchBulldoga.jpg (168848 byte)
02a, b. The only Frenchie made by the Dahl Jensen factory remains a favorite of many collectors. It also comes as a miniature. (DJ 1088)
RC1457KM.jpg (21144 byte)
03a, b. Often mistaken for a Boston Terrier this piece by Knud Moller is listed in 2 RC catalogues as a Bulldog. The brindle color is quite rare but the pied is often available at online auctions. Production ended around 1985 and the earlier models have the initials "KM" impressed on the dog's underside. (RC 1457)
BG2165Bulldog.jpg (77103 byte)
04. A rare Art Deco Bully by B&G dates from the 1930s.(B&G 2165)
BG2000Bulldogb.jpg (170652 byte)
05a, b. This large Frenchie by B&G is believed to have been designed by Dahl Jensen before he opened his own factory. The mark is typical of the Danish manufacturers and note that engraved on the dog's left paw is an overlapping monogram "DJ." (B&G 2000)
RC1457Bulliea.jpg (63448 byte)
43b.RC brindle jensen.jpg (28699 byte)
DJFrenchies.jpg (75463 byte)
BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookendf.jpg (112027 byte)
BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookend.jpg (69848 byte)
BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookendc.jpg (112444 byte)
RC1708-1465-190a.jpg (73619 byte)

RC0956Bulldog2.jpg (220321 byte)


RC1708-1466Frenchies.jpg (36433 byte)

Great Danes: French Bulldog Collectibles from Denmark 

"Article by Gary Bachman reprinted with permission from Just Frenchies magazine, Volume 3, Number 2 Spring 2005."


The Danish porcelain Frenchies have a unique look and reflect a sensibility quite different from the German and other European models. Their facial expressions are serious and melancholic, poses are classical yet somewhat unusual and the glazes are thick and rich. The colors reflect the Art Nouveau palette: pinks, greys and lavenders. The rare "tiger" brindles are a deep mahogany color and unmatched by those of any other manufacturer.

There were 3 important factories: Dahl Jensen (1925-1984), Royal Copenhagen (1775-present) and Bing & Grondahl (1853 and merged with Royal Copenhagen in 1987).

There were also 3 important sculptors: Dahl Jensen (1874-1960) who worked for B&G before opening his own factory in 1925, and Lauritz Jensen (1859-1935) and Knud Khyn (1880-1969) who created masterworks for Royal Copenhagen. Additionally, there were 5 other artists who made Frenchie models. Knud Moller designed a small French Bulldog for Royal Copenhagen in 1913. Sophus Jensen-Kromand, who worked for B&G from 1910-47, created a very remarkable pair of bookends. There is a B&G reclining Frenchie with a glaze that imitates bronze signed "R. Gauguin" which dates from the 1930s. And B&G also produced two white Frenchies by unknown artists. One is small and quite early in date and the other a superb Art Deco example.

With the exception of Royal Copenhagen few pieces were signed by the artists. Most have green hallmarks with initials and fractional numbers in green or blue. These are key to dating these pieces. There are several easily obtainable books about these factories for those interested in the dates of production of the Frenchies in their collections. "Seconds," or pieces which were not deemed first quality have a scratch through the mark on the base. Often though, the quality is indistinguishable from those considered best. The following survey illustrates all of the recorded French Bulldogs by the Danish factories. It is worthwhile to note that many have been out of production for decades and are now quite scarce.

Thanks to Jan Grebe, Françoise and Jean-Pierre Girard, Stuart King and 2 private collectors for images from their collections.

BG2102Frenchiex2a.jpg (985694 byte)

11a, b. Imagine a life so privileged as to own a magnificent pair of 9 inch tall porcelain bookends by B&G. Near the base on the flat side of the Bully is the Roman numeral II.

wpe1.jpg (12190 byte)

12. This unusual French Bulldog by B&G is scratching his head and has a thick glaze imitating patinated bronze. Design Rene Gauguin

BG0094-ReneGauguinFrenchBulldog4.jpg (198937 byte)

New Book

The French Bulldog

Whether the Frenchie in your life is wearing a “badger” collar and snoozing by your side or gaiting next to you in the Group ring on the way to Best in Show, you will delight in this extravagant celebration of a breed that has captured the hearts and imaginations of dog lovers the world over. As entertaining as it is authoritative, the first volume in Kennel Club Books’ new Classic series glistens with the personality and irresistible charm of this photogenic and fashion-forward dog, as illustrated in over 250 beautiful photographs.

Author Muriel P. Lee, editor of Just Frenchies magazine, has orchestrated the talents and insight of a dozen world-renowned canine specialists, each of whom has written on their area of Frenchie expertise.

The author, accompanied by breed judge Anne M. Hier, takes the reader on a grand tour of the French Bulldog in America from the 19th century to the present day. An overseas jaunt takes up to the shores of the breed’s homeland, France, as well as England, Australia and New Zealand.

The Frenchie’s talents are highlighted in chapters about therapy work, agility and obedience and doggie fashion. Other topics discussed include an insider’s look at judging in the show ring by breeder-judge Virginia Rowland, the breed’s health and well-being by Dr. Janice Grebe and breeding, whelping and infant puppy care.

The book is crowned by its two final chapters, lavishly illustrated exhibitions of Frenchie collectibles by antiques specialist Gary Bachman and the Frenchie in fine art by world-renowned 19th-century dog-painting expert William Secord.

Publisher, Kennel Club Books

198 pages 8 ¼ x 11 ¼ Hardcover with jacket Full color photography throughout

UPC: 8 28182 00680 7 ISBN-10: 1-59378-680-8 ISBN-13: 978-1-59378-680-8

it sells for $39.95 in the USA.

RC0956-1708Bulldog1.jpg (90579 byte)

Hunde/dogs Royal Copenhagen 1 
Hunde/dogs Royal Copenhagen 2 
Hunde/dogs Royal Copenhagen 3 
Hunde/dogs Bing & Grøndahl 1
Hunde/dogs Bing & Grøndahl 2 
Dahl Jensen hunde/dogs
RC0956-1708Bulldogc.jpg (82582 byte)

RC0957XZA.gif (38453 byte)
06a, b. Two views of the most famous Frenchie duo in porcelain which were designed by Knud Kyhn about 1908 and are now nearly impossible to find. (RC 957)

RC057-1452-102b1.jpg (88838 byte)

07. A very rare small white Frenchie by B&G dates from the early 20th Century. (B&G 1893)
RC1466Gary.jpg (18296 byte)
08. Signed Lauritz Jensen this large sitting Bully was sculpted for RC in 1913 and is one of the most difficult to find of all porcelain Frenchies. (RC 1466)
09a, b. One of the finest RC models this standing Bully is signed Lauritz Jensen and is very scarce in both colors. (RC 1465)
RC0956-1708Bulldog6.jpg (158445 byte)
10a, b. A collector's favorite, this seated French Bulldog was designed by Knud
Khyn for RC around 1908. The brindle is hardest to find and the earliest models in either color are signed or initialed on the right hindleg close to the base.(RC 956)
BookbyML.jpg (235976 byte)
BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookendd.jpg (91485 byte)
BG2102LL2nd-22cmBookendf.jpg (112027 byte)
RC1708-1465-190c.jpg (87157 byte)

BG2000Bulldoga.jpg (169938 byte)

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