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About buying from the online Antiques Porcelain Shop of www.jamerantik.dk  

Welcome to our online store.

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We live here!


Hello! My name is Jan Ringsmose. I have several years of experience in worldwide online sale and shipping of Danish china and porcelain figurines. Satisfied customers is my utmost goal and they can be counted in thousands from all over Europe, UK, France, Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Australia, Canada and the USA. One of our major area is porcelain collectibles of animals and figurines from Dahl Jensen, Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen - all preowned and most discontinued for many years. We also do offer a wide range of dinnerware from the Danish manufactories such as Royal Copenhagen patterns of Aluminia Tranquebar; Blue Flower, Saxon Flower, Blue Fluted, Flora Danica and Bing & Grondahl patterns of Empire, Eranthis, Seagull, Christmas Rose. In our inventory you will also find art as well as stoneware and Scandinavian art pottery.

 I understand if ordering and sending payment overseas the first time can be a big step. Please don't hesitate to call (+45 44914455) or email for references or recommendations by customers or dealers in your area of the world. We do communicate in English, understand German (Sorry we can't help you in Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish or French

This site was started up as a Danish site - with pages dedicated to sale, but also with information about dating Danish porcelain and a lot of images dived after themes like porcelain dogs, horses or the production of a special artist - part of the pages will be in English and with a little guidance and careful reading, you will be able to use even the Danish features. Please click and read through the link guide below or start from the Alphabetic Link Index at www.jamiri.dk . To get the newsletter and price information click on a subject below.


RC1930JulianeMariae.jpg (164870 byte)
Royal Copenhagen 1930 Juliane Marie Collection Catalog  

This book presents the finest in porcelain art from Royal Copenhagen. This is a reprint of the original Royal Copenhagen Catalog from 1930. Something for real connoisseurs. The complicated art of painting overglaze on porcelain is shown in this catalog from 1930.


RC1910Catalog.jpg (74521 byte)

Published by Danish Porcelain Imports, with permission from Royal Copenhagen to reprint and publish. Printed in China 2005 and released January 2006

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4 All Seasons green (RC)
4 All Seasons yellow (RC)
4 All Seasons red (RC)
Royal Copenhagen #957 (RC)
Blue Flower Curved #10-1500 (RC)
Blue Flower Braided #10-8000 (RC)
Blue Flower Angular #10-8500 (Kgl.)
Blue Fan #1212 (RC)
Blue Line faience 4 All Seasons Blue (RC)
Broager #1236 (RC)
Clarissa #1510 (RC)
Dagmar #988 (RC)
Domino #36 (RC)
Fauna Danica #239 (RC)
Flora Danica #20 (RC)
Garden Song #1533 (RC)
Frijsenborg #910 (RC)
Gemina Vasegaard #41 (RC)
Gemma - Vasegaard #125 (RC)
Green Melody #1513 (RC)
Golden Basket #595 (RC)
Henriette #444 (RC)
Qaking Grass #884 (RC)
Wheat (RC)
White half lace (RC)
White with gold #607
Karup #25 (RC)
Triton Arge Geijst (RC)
Liselund - New (RC)
Golden Glower # 947 (RC)
Magnolia (RC)
Moccha cups # 9535 (RC)
Blue Fluted Half Lace #1 500-999 (RC)
Blue Fluted Full lace #1 1000-1500 (RC)
Blue Fluted #1 001-499 (RC)
Primavera #1515 (RC)
Princess, Blue #111 (RC)
Royal Copenhagen #1520 (RC)
Rimmon #46 (RC)
Rosebud blue #408 (RC)
Saxon Flower #4 and #493 (RC)
Midsummer Night's Dream #73 and #72 (RC)
Tulip, brown #702 (RC)
White Fan (RC)
White Wild Rose (RC) 

FrontCoverPope2.jpg (19915 byte)


Absalon B&G
Apollo B&G
Apollon B&G
Azur B&G
Balder B&G
Ballerina B&G
Seashell B&G
Blue Traditional B&G
Bournonville B&G
Babie's Breath B&G
Columbia B&G
Coppelia B&G
Cordial B&G
Cumulus B&G
Danish Castles B&G
Delphi B&G
Corn Flower B&G
Dickens B&G
Elegance B&G
Elsa B&G
Empire B&G
Eranthis B&G
Eremitage B&G
Fish Plates B&G
Fleur B&G
Freja B&G
Frigga B&G
Lady's Slipper B&G
Gefion B&G
Geisha B&G
Gulnare B&G
Golden Sun B&G
Haga B&G
Hamlet B&G
Hartmann  B&G
Hazelnut B&G
Yasmin - Heimdal B&G
Henning Koppel, Blue B&G
Henning Koppel, White B&G
Henrik B&G
Hostrup B&G
Jubilee B&G
Christmas Rose B&G
Cactus B&G
Kipling B&G
Scotch Rose  B&G
Comet B&G
Famous Composers B&G
Crysanthemum B&G
Leda B&G
Convalla B&G
Luna B&G
Falling Leaves B&G
Flowers of the Field B&G
Marstrand B&G
Mexico B&G
Mimer B&G
Milky Way B&G
Seagull with gold B&G
Seagul without gold B&G
Njal B&G
Offenbach B&G
Olympia B&G
Opus B&G
Orchid B&G
Othello B&G
Paris B&G
Peru B&G
Prik B&G
Relief B&G
Blue Fluted ribbed B&G
Rio B&G
Roselil B&G
Rosinni  B&G
Rune B&G
Saxon Flower, Cream B&G
 Saxon Flower, White B&G
Siesta B&G
Butterfly B&G
Tema B&G
Thor B&G
Thorvaldsen B&G
Tycho Braghe B&G
Tiber B&G
Tivoli B&G
Vega B&G
Venice B&G
Venus B&G
Venushair B&G
Verdi B&G
Volmer  B&G
Aegir  B&G
Aakjaer B&G
Aarestrup B&G



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A)   A) STANDARD FIXED: We have a fixed standard price for 1-2 items like figurines, plates, vases and smaller tableware items. It will be shipped with the Danish Postal Parcel International Economy and it is insured up till 500 US $. We ship as soon as payment clears and will confirm with a tracking number. You can check tracking status at this homepage: 

B)  b) CALCULATED: Larger and heavy or multiple items and dinnerware will be priced after actual weight 

Payment: By Credit Card through PayPal (Fee from 5-10%); money wire transfer.

 For total payment below 100 US dollars I only accept online payment or PayPal and cash in a registered letter. Otherwise add 20$ for cashing , MO, Checks or Cashiers check. 


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Purchase guarantee: I try to describe the items to the best of my knowledge and as accurately as possible. However, should an item on receipt not be as described you may return it within 8 days at your own risk  and I will refund the purchase price. Please do under no circumstances return any goods before contacting me.


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Christian Thomsen 1860-1921
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Flora Danica
Fransk Bulldog
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Michaela Ahlmann
Mogens Andersen 1916 -2003
Lotte Benter figurer
Jens Jakob Bregnø, 1877-1946
Jens Jakob Bregnø 1877-1946
Gerd Bøgelund 1923-1987
Mogens Bøggild 1901-1987
Helge Christoffersen 1925-1965
Lisa Engquist 1914-1989
Tut Fog 1907-
Rene Gauguin 1881-1961
Arge Geijst 1938-
Jeanne Grut 1927-2009
Carl Halier 1873-1948
Johannes Hedegaard 1915-1999
Gerhard Henning 1880-1967
Peter Herold 1879-1920
Hans Henrik Hansen 1894-1965
Peter Ilsted 1861-1933
Arne Ingdam
Dahl Jensen 1874-1960
Lauritz Jensen 1859-1935
Svend Jespersen 1895-1985
Just Andersen 1884-1943
Agnethe Jørgensen 1918
Sterett-Gittings Kelsey 1941
Søren Kongstrand 1872-1951
Bo Kristiansen 1944-1991
Karl Kristoffersen 1943-
Arnold Krog 1856-1931
Knud Kyhn 1880-1969
Karl Larsen 1897-1977
Gudrun Lauesen 1917-
Carl F. Liisberg 1860-1909
Svend Lindhart 1898-1989
Axel Locher 1879-1941
Steen Lykke Madsen 1937
Theodor Madsen 1880-1965
Arno Malinowski 1899-1976
Ellen Malmer 1942-
Carl Martin-Hansen 1877-1941
Gudrun Meedom 1915-
Grethe Meyer 1918-
Louis Moe 1857 - 1945
Jørgen Mogensen 1927-
Malene Müllertz 1949-
Jais Nielsen 1885-1961
Kai Nielsen 1882-1924
Patrick Nordström 1870 -1929
Karl Otto Johansen 1918-
Valdemar Pedersen 1906-1981
Platen-Hallermund 1875-1965
Ingeborg Plockross-Irminger
Erik Reiff 1923
Ebbe Sadolin 1900-1982
Axel Salto 1889-1961
Snorre Stephensen 1943-
Eva Stæhr-Nielsen 1911-1976
Hans Tegner 1853-1932
Christian Thomsen 1860-1921
Nils Thorsson 1898-1975
Georg Thylstrup 1884 - 1930
Gertrud Vasegaard 1913-2007
Siegfried Wagner 1874 - 1952
Ivan Weiss 1946-
Claire Weiss 1906
Bjørn Wiinblad 1918-2006
Bode Willumsen 1895-1989
Bode Willumsen 1895-1989